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Heated Chemical Tire Applicators

C.T.A.’s (chemical tire applicators) are applicators that spray your wheels and tires with heated chemical at the point of application and will never freeze up!

The Cobra C.T.A.’s  shown here are for tunnel washes


Try our specially formulated chemicals to
break down the dirt and grime!

C.T.A. Mini’s (chemical tire applicators designed for In-bay Automatics) NuSTAR model shown here. Also will never freeze up!

 With the Mini-Cobra C.T.A.’s,  you can now add more to your ticket average per wash!

The Cobra C.T.A.’s in action (pictured below) at Jim Mulholland’s Busy Bee Car Wash in Florida.




The Cobra C.T.A.’s are like the Everyready Bunny. . .they keep going and going and going!   Here are a couple of the original C.T.A.’s that have been operating 8 + years without any maintenance.

Clean Car 3-Minute Wash                                                Route 130 Car Wash
Pittsburgh, PA                                                                     Lumberton, NJ