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Rt41 car wash“The Cobra system is a great way to increase the cleaning of wheels. Winter time is even better with the Cobra, not having to worry about wheel chemical freezing on the wheel or freezing up in the CTA. A great benefit for all car washes. I would not have a car wash with out them.”

Route 41 Car Wash, Oil Change & Detail Center – Al Nicolosi, Owner, Route 41 Cry Hill, NJ                          

carbux_header“We have been using the Cobras since 2010. We added the Cobras as a premium service at all three of our washes in order to provide the cleanest wheels possible on our top two car wash packages. 2-1/2 years later, we can safely say that The Cobras were one of the best investments that we have ever made. Customers love the results, and we have been able to move more customers to our higher priced washes while significantly reducing rewashes due to dirty rims. Since the Cobras are so simple and have almost no moving parts, they have been virtually maintenance free. On the few occasions where we have had some questions, Tim responded immediately to help. While I believe that every car wash should install Cobras in order to produce the highest quality product possible, I am grateful to have a significant advantage over our local competition who still clean with cold water.

Andrew Jaffa, Owner, Carbux Wash, Jacksonville, FL

logo (1)“We bought 3 Cobra units for three locations to try, and have been more than satisfied with the performance of the units. We cut down 2 people at the entrance end, scrubbing wheels. I am anticipating buying one for each of our 14 locations and making it a standard in our conveyor washes. The Cobra System’s customer service has proven to top notch in the indust-Triangle Car Washes, Anthony Ferretti, Warehouse Manager ~Palmyra, PA


  “The Cobra System has allowed us to use a single chemical as a rim and whitewall cleaner. We love the idea that the chemical is “HOT” at the wheel. We have found the quality of the finished whitewall and rim to be the best we have ever had.”

– David DeFusco, Owner, Minit-Matic Car Wash ~ Chester, PA

“Thank You, Tim, for a great product. Your support is second to none. Your Cobra System has made my carwash more productive and my customers abRt.23 Carwash logosolutely love it.”

– Tom Johnson, Owner, Rt. 23 Car Wash, Kinnelon, NJ