PROBLEM: Uneven Vee-Jet spray pattern
SOLUTION: Remove nozzle from red button check valve. Disassemble nozzle. Use blow gun only to clean. Using metal objects to clean could disturb spray pattern.

PROBLEM: Cobra not spraying when assigned to

A. Do not make ANY adjustments on sprayer nozzle bodies. They are already turned to a tight position to seal diaphragm.
B. Do not install ANY types of check valves in-line from air diaphragm pump to Cobra CTA’s. This will cause the timing of spray to be inconsistent.
C. Using treadle activation. Check treadle hose for leak. Check all air connections.
D. Check normally open air switch contact. May need adjusted or replaced.
E. Check for leak in bell hose if used.
F. Check fuse on relay in controller.
G. Check air supply to air diaphragm pumps (set to 90 psi).
H. Need stronger air pulse to air switch.

PROBLEM: Cobra sprays entire length of vehicle.
A. Using treadle activation, check the off Treadle hose for air leaks, connections, etc.
B. Check normally closed air switch. May need adjusted or replaced.
C. Need stronger air pulse to air switch.

PROBLEM: Cobra not heating up
SOLUTION: Heating element and/or thermostat may need replaced. Have a certified electrician diagnose the problem